Triplets Under the Tree (Billionaires and Babies) - Kat Cantrell

Series: Billionaires and Babies (Book 64)

This Christmas, he'll meet his three babies for the first time…and desire their mother in a whole new way!


After a plane crash robs him of his memory, billionaire fighter Antonio Cavallari comes home for the holidays to find triplets -- and their "mother" -- waiting. Antonio doesn't remember surrogate Caitlyn Hopewell, but he has triplets depending upon him. Who else can he turn to except the woman raising his children…and making him burn with desire?


Caitlyn has longed for Antonio secretly for years. Now she's living in his home, loving his babies…living the life with him she's always wanted. But then Antonio's memory returns. And the secrets he's forgotten will change everything…


Good book about a man who gets a second chance at life and love. The book opens with Antonio, going by the name Falco, on an island in Indonesia. He has no idea how he got there, and no memory of life before he was dragged from the ocean. All he knows is that he can fight, so that's what he does, until a blow to the head knocks one memory loose, sending him to the address he sees in his mind.


Caitlyn is living in the home of her sister and brother-in-law, taking care of the three babies she bore for them. She considers them her children now and is doing her best to raise them while protecting their inheritance. She is stunned to answer the door one day to find an Antonio she barely recognizes on the other side. She can't give up her children, and it's obvious that he needs her help.


Caitlyn has always had feelings for Antonio. She had met him first, but it was her starlet sister that he married, so she kept her feelings to herself. Those feelings give her an extra sensitivity toward him, and she steps in to help him adjust to being back. Antonio often feels like Caitlyn is the only thing keeping him sane. Neither of them had expected the desire that burned between them. Antonio is fully prepared to pursue it, but Caitlyn experiences some guilty feelings over having a chance at what she always wanted only because her sister is dead.


Antonio struggles with the frustration of not being able to remember his former life. He begins to get some of his memories back in small chunks, but not the ones he really wants. He feels that there is something important about his marriage that is just out of reach. There are also times he that he seems to be fighting his memories of himself.


I liked seeing the relationship that built between Caitlyn and Antonio as she tried to help him adjust to his life. I loved the way that she supported him, helping to keep others from realizing his memory loss. She was wary of getting involved with him, but Antonio wasn't going to give up once he'd made up his mind. He did show a fair amount of patience while he waited for her to make up her mind. Things were going along pretty well for them as they built a nice little family together, until one particular memory returned. That memory creates a rift between them, as Caitlyn discovers that Antonio is the perfect man she had thought he was. A second blow comes with the discovery of her sister's journal, and Caitlyn isn't sure how to deal with the knowledge.


While I was a little disturbed by Antonio's past actions, it is pretty obvious that his accident and amnesia has allowed him to make some major changes in his life. I thought that Caitlyn was a bit hypocritical in her attitude toward his transgressions considering her envy and jealousy of her sister. Fortunately, both of them were able to overcome their more negative traits to build a better future together.