Casey - Lori Foster

Series: Buckhorn Brothers (Book 5)

Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe and Jordan -- they're the sexiest men in Buckhorn, Kentucky.


But meet Sawyer's son, Casey...


Like father, like son!


Emma Clark was back in Buckhorn. As a teen she'd been the girl with the bleached-blond hair, too much makeup and a bad reputation -- and she'd tried everything she could to get Casey Hudson into bed. He'd been the cutest guy in town, and the only one who seemed to care about her.


As a hot-blooded teen it had been hard for Casey to resist Emma. But now, eight years later, it was impossible. Emma's adult sensuality was more subtle, more beguiling. He had to have her. But Emma was doing her best to shut him out. Casey had to convince her the attraction wasn't just leftover teenage lust, but his real love for a real woman....


Very good book. I first met Casey in his father's book (Sawyer) where he was a seventeen year old boy being raised by his bachelor father and uncles. He was a good guy even then, honorable, kind, and a definite charmer. All the girls wanted him. In this book, we first see him at that age, resisting the girl who is determined to make a conquest of him, even though he'd really like to give in. Then that same girl is brought before him with a claim that he knows can't be true, but he and his family are willing to step up and help her. Determined not to bring her troubles to him, Emma disappears into the night, leaving Casey worried and wondering what became of her.


Eight years later, Emma comes back to Buckhorn to care for her sick father. She knows she'll run into him again and hopes she'll be strong enough to resist the feelings she still has for him. She still feels guilty for the way she left, but hadn't felt like she had any other choice. Casey is stunned to see her, and can't believe how much he still wants her. He still feels bad that he hadn't been able to help her, and mad at her for the way she disappeared.


I loved the heat that was still there between them. Casey was more than happy to pursue it and see where it might go, even though she doesn't plan to stay in Buckhorn. He doesn't expect to quickly feel more than just lust for her, and isn't quite sure how to deal with it at first. Emma tries to keep him at a distance, both because she doesn't feel that she's any good for him and to protect her heart. But she really can't resist him, and the more time they spend together the deeper she falls for him. I loved the time they spent together, learning more about each other. There were some pretty funny moments, when Casey's possessiveness gets a little out of hand. There are also some really sweet times, such as when he gets all protective of her when they run into some folks who aren't very nice to her. 


I also loved seeing them open up to each other about their fears and hopes for the future. I loved Casey's sensitivity when he began to delve into Emma's past, as he could feel that there was more to her resistance of him than met the eye. I really loved his support of her throughout the book, and especially when her secret came out at the end. I also loved the way that she listened to his dream and encouraged him to go after it. The ending was great, as Casey is determined that he won't let her go again, and they find a way to be together.


I really loved seeing the brothers, how they are and what they are currently up to. I especially enjoyed the scenes with/about Gabe and his daughters and what the future holds. I also liked the secondary story that dealt with Emma's friend Damon. Seeing him go from uptight businessman to more relaxed Buckhorn convert was really fun.