A CEO in Her Stocking: Reclaimed by the Rancher (The Accidental Heirs) - Elizabeth Bevarly, Janice Maynard

Series: Accidental Heirs (Book 2)

With the reading of a will, single mother Clara Easton's life is upended! Turns out the carefree beach bum who fathered her son was really Park Avenue gold, and he's left his fortune to little Hank. Now she's spending the holidays in dazzling New York City with the man's family, including his sexy twin brother. But Grant Dunbarton is not like the fun-loving charmer who swept Clara off her feet. No way should she fall for a workaholic who knows nothing of comfort and joy. So why can't she tell him goodbye?


Good book. Clara is a single mother who owns her own bakery and works hard to give her son the best life she can. She's stunned to get a visit from a lawyer who informs her that her son's father, a man she hasn't seen in four years, has died. And instead of being the beach bum she thought he was, he was a member of a very wealthy family, and her son has inherited his father's millions. Now she and Hank have been invited to New York to meet his family.


Clara is very nervous and not sure what to expect. She never knew her parents, and was raised in the foster care system. The Dunbarton's lifestyle is completely outside her comfort zone. It doesn't help that her son's uncle, while being her ex's twin in looks is totally different in personality. Her first impression is that he is a cold, ruthless workaholic who has no idea how to relate to her and her son.


I liked Clara a lot. She's a bit of a workaholic herself, but she works very hard to give Hank all the love and attention she never received herself. She's not sure what to expect from Grant and his mother, and is very afraid that they might try to take Hank away from her. As she gets to know Grant, she sees that there is more to him than she expected.


Grant took over running the family business even though his brother had been the older of the two. When their father died when they were kids, Brent went from planning to run the business when they grew up to becoming more irresponsible and child-like. Grant felt a great responsibility to the family legacy and gave up his own dreams to run it. He never plans to have a wife and family of his own, feeling that he is married to the business instead.


I loved seeing their relationship develop. It didn't take long for Clara to see that, in spite of his claims, Grant really wasn't happy with his life. I liked all the little things that she said and did to try to bring some happiness back into his life. She fought against the attraction she felt to him, knowing that nothing could come of it. It was pretty sweet to see the influence that Clara and Hank had on Grant, as he slowly began to see that his life was pretty empty. It was fun to see him loosen up as he talked to Clara about the fish in his aquarium, and lay on his back looking at the stars painted on the dining room ceiling. I ached for them both when Clara and Hank went back to Georgia, believing that the other didn't care the same way.


The ending was really romantic. While I wasn't entirely surprised by what Grant did, there were parts of his actions that were unexpected. I was especially surprised by what his mother did. The epilogue was really great.


I really liked Grant's mother. I had been afraid that she was going to be the type to steal Hank away, or cold and snobby to Clara. She did seem to go a little overboard with some of the things she did, but I loved the way that she embraced both Hank and Clara. There were times when she seemed like a big kid herself.