Not Just a Cowboy (Texas Rescue) - Caro Carson

Series: Texas Rescue (Book 1)



Heiress Patricia Cargill was out to prove she was more than just a big bank account. Running Texas Rescue and Relief gives her the greatest satisfaction she could imagine. Until she meets volunteer Luke Waterson. He's a little younger, a little brasher and a lot more dangerous than anyone she's dated. He could be everything she needs.




An unexpected change of fortune, however, has Patricia discovering Luke is more than just a nomadic cowboy. Falling for a millionaire rancher was not in her plans, especially one who keeps secrets. But committing to a man who sees her as a desirable woman, not dollar signs, could be worth making an exception to her rule….


Very good book with excellent romance, interesting setting, and two characters who do some growing. Patricia has spent most of her adult life trying to keep her father from spending them into the poorhouse. Unfortunately, her hands are also tied when it comes to accessing her own funds, until she bends to her father's demands and finds a "suitable" husband. The one she had in mind fell in love with someone else, so she is back to square one.


Patricia is looking for a man she can easily deal with, who won't bring drama into her life. She wants nothing to do with love or passion, seeing only the trouble caused by her father's multiple wives and countless mistresses. Before she can start looking for another candidate, Texas Rescue is called up to help deal with the aftermath of a hurricane. Working with them gives her a chance to use her organizational skills and satisfy her need to do something good.


Luke is a rancher who likes what he does, but often feels trapped by his responsibilities. He became a volunteer firefighter to bring some adventure into his life. Helping out with the hurricane relief gives him that chance to do something different for a little while.


Their first encounter is when Luke busts into her headquarters tent, dragging a coworker who collapsed in the heat. I liked the way that she and Luke connected, even though she tried really hard to suppress her reaction. It was fun to see the way Luke was trying to hard to get a reaction from her. Luke starts out looking at Patricia as something of a challenge, but quickly comes to see her as much more.


I loved the way that he saw how she takes care of everyone else, but that no one appears to be looking out for her. It was sweet to see him try to take care of her. Patricia didn't quite know what to do about Luke. She likes his attentions, but she knows there's no future in it. As the week went on, I loved seeing Luke wear her down a little bit, to where she wasn't panicking to be seen in his company. I loved watching them grow closer. Luke really wants to continue seeing her, and see where their relationship might lead. While he had suspected that Patricia came from money, he didn't know who she really was until they'd been together for several days. Though he was a little bit of a jerk to her when he did, that didn't last long. What I really liked was the way that she opened up to him about what her life had been like and what she is still dealing with. 


I liked seeing the way that, thanks to his influence, she changed from holding herself apart from everyone to growing more relaxed. She was still intense with her work, but when she was off she was able to have a little fun with him. I also liked how she started to care about what happened with him, worrying when his engine company was called out. The closer she got to him, the harder it was for her to face what she needed to do. I wanted to shake her when she walked away from Luke, even after he told her how he felt. I loved the way he tried to show her what it was costing her.


I loved the ending and seeing a whole different Patricia. Her solution was absolutely perfect and her big moment with Luke was terrific. I'd love to catch up with them in later books and see how they are doing.


I also enjoyed the background of the disaster relief. It was really interesting to see some of the things that go on behind the scenes, from arranging drug supplies and coordinating schedules to finding equipment that the medical personnel need. I really loved seeing the way that Patricia dealt with some of the personalities. It really makes me appreciate what the real life people do.