A Montana Mavericks Christmas (Silhouette Special Edition, 1286) - Susan Mallery, Karen Hughes

Series: Montana Mavericks

Married in Whitehorn by Susan Mallery


Duty-bound to protect pregnant amnesiac Angela Sheppard, Deputy Sheriff Shane McBride swore he'd never give his heart. Yet, soon he hungered to call the attractive widow his own. Was it possible a wedding-with baby!-was due for Whitehorn's brooding man in blue?


Short and fast moving. Angela came to Whitehorn to interview for a job as a teacher. She was attacked and beaten by some men who are looking for some money her late husband supposedly had. They had been separated for four years and she had no idea what they were talking about. When she woke up in the hospital she couldn't remember what had happened to her. Shane is the deputy sent to question Angela after the attack on her. There's something about her that touches a part of him that has been locked up for a long time. Rather than send her to a safe house for protection, he offers to let her stay at his house.


Angela and Shane connect very quickly. Shane is protective and definitely attracted, but has some problems believing that he deserves someone as terrific as Angela. I liked the way that she showed him that his ex-fiancee was wrong about him. 


Things were left hanging about the men who attacked her and kidnapped the child. There was good news about the child at the end of the story, but no resolution.



Born in Whitehorn by Karen Hughes


Dr. Jeremy Winters discovered he was a daddy when he came to beautiful Leah Nighthawk's rescue and delivered their tiny twins. And though the hard-hearted doctor would never deny his babies a daddy this Christmas, would he give Leah the gift of his love?


This story picks up where the previous one left off. The kidnapped girl is safe, but has stopped talking. The kidnappers have not been caught and everyone is worried that they will try again. It is suspected that Sarah was mistaken for her friend Jenny as the object of the kidnapping, and Jenny has been staying with Leah for a few days to keep her safe.


Leah came back to Whitehorn and the reservation to take care of her mother. After her mother's death she was going to go back to Chicago, but her plans were waylaid by an unexpected pregnancy. She had given in to the attraction between her and Jeremy one night when her grief got the better of her. Because she felt she didn't know him, Leah hadn't told Jeremy she was pregnant. She didn't want him to feel trapped or obligated.


Jeremy was surprised to see her a few days before Christmas. He thought she had left Whitehorn months ago. Seeing that she was pregnant, he followed her to talk to her, and found her in the middle of labor. Stunned to find out that the babies were his, he was determined to help care for them. 


I loved seeing the way that Jeremy got so invested in taking care of Leah and the babies. Having lost his pregnant wife in an accident several years earlier, he finds that the hole they left in his life is now being filled. It was sweet to see everything that he did to try to make life easier for Leah. Leah is a very stubborn and independent woman. She was raised by a single mother who did everything she could to give Leah the best life she could. Now that she finds herself a single mother herself, she is determined to show that she can do the same. While she is grateful for his help, she is afraid of becoming dependent on him. I got a bit frustrated with the way that she kept pushing him away. 


The time they spent together reinforced their attraction. Jeremy proposes marriage to Leah, wanting to be able to care for her and the babies. He envisions a good life together, and can't believe it when Leah refuses him. Leah quickly came to realize that she was in love with Jeremy, but she doesn't want a marriage that isn't about love. Jeremy has to face his fear of losing again before he loses everything that he could have. I liked the ending and how they were able to come together.


There was a brief bit showing the kidnappers and what their plans are, but it was not resolved. I assume that the story line is continued in a later book.