The Colton Bodyguard (The Coltons of Oklahoma) - Carla Cassidy

Series: Coltons of Oklahoma (Book 6)

Wrongly imprisoned for murder, renowned horse trainer Greta Colton gets sprung by Tyler Stanton's falsified alibi. The incredibly handsome oil tycoon's desire has been burning for Greta ever since they met. Now that she's no longer his brother's fiancée, he wants her in his bed and working in his corral. In that order.


Throwing caution to the wind, Greta accepts Tyler's brazen invitations. And with danger mounting, they reluctantly risk their hearts. But when a shocking Colton secret surfaces, can Tyler protect Greta from a treacherous family reunion? Someone means to kill her…and take all that's hers!


Excellent conclusion to the Coltons series. In the previous book, Second Chance Colton, Greta had been held on suspicion of murder. Tyler Stanton, brother of her fiance, provided an alibi that set her free, but he lied to do it. With the end of her engagement, Tyler makes it clear that he wants Greta for himself. 


It took a little bit for me to get used to Tyler. With him, what you see is what you get. He is good looking, wealthy and confident. He doesn't play games when it comes to what he wants, and he wants Greta. She was a bit shocked when she came to thank him for his alibi and to ask him why he had lied, to find out that he had been attracted to her from the time he met her. But his brother got to her first, so he had done his best to control his feelings. I loved his straightforward telling her that he still wants her in his bed. Of course, he's not committing to any kind of relationship, just sex for as long as they want it. He also wants her to work with one of his horses and uses that to entice her to come stay on his ranch while she does so. He doesn't expect it to last, as it never does with him.


Greta is stunned by Tyler's proposition, but also somewhat intrigued. She really wants to work with the horse, but she's a bit wary about Tyler himself. Her ex-fiance had turned out to be a self-centered loser, and she doesn't know Tyler well enough to think he's any different. She can't deny the chemistry between them. He turns her on like no one else has ever done. With the threats looming against her, getting out of Tulsa for awhile seems like a good idea. So she agrees to work with the horse, but tries to resist the heat between her and Tyler.


I loved seeing the relationship build between them. They started it a bit backwards, with two really hot encounters, but then Greta insisted on keeping sex out of it. She wanted them to have a chance to get to know each other before taking it any further. I was impressed by Tyler's agreeing to her conditions, but also telling her that he wasn't going to give up on seducing her. I also liked the way he really listened to her when she talked. His confusion over his growing feelings was pretty sweet, as he realized that he wanted more than just her in his bed. I loved his protectiveness and how determined he was to keep her safe. When everything was over, he didn't know how to deal with what he felt. I loved the ending and seeing him accept and embrace his feelings. His return to the ranch and facing Greta was sweet and romantic.


Greta was surprised by her instant attraction to Tyler. Since she doesn't really know him, she shocks herself when she gives in to the passion. I loved seeing her pull herself together and take control of those feelings. Though the attraction was strong, she was hesitant to trust it, and wanted to take the time to get to know him. As she did, her feelings for him grew, but she was still wary about trusting him with her heart. I loved seeing her stand up for her needs, even when it hurt. I enjoyed her determination to make Tyler grovel a bit there at the end.


The suspense of the story was great. By the time the book started the villain is known and the only question is how and when will she attack. The first attack wasn't a huge surprise as they knew it would happen eventually. Tyler's quick reaction was all that had saved Greta. As they moved back to the Colton ranch, they felt somewhat safer but also knew that Alice was out there somewhere, just waiting to strike again. The anticipation really built as the end got nearer. I wanted to shake Greta when  she did something stupid that ended up putting her in grave danger. The final confrontation was well done, with great tension as I wondered how long it would be before it was figured out. I loved that it was Tyler who did and he who saved Greta. It wrapped up the series very well.