The Temptation of Dr. Colton (The Coltons of Oklahoma) - Karen Whiddon

Series: Coltons of Oklahoma (Book 3)

After a hit-and-run, all the frightened victim can remember is the handsome Dr. Eric Colton, who rescued her. She has no identity and no memory, other than the flash of a gunshot and a man's name. But she knows she's in grave danger.


Eric can't explain his irresistible attraction to the mystery woman who, in hours, transforms him from workaholic surgeon to vigilant bodyguard. He can't let her out of his arms, not when danger stalks her. But why? What lies hidden in her mind? Eric doesn't know what she's forgotten, but he knows people will kill to ensure she never remembers…and it's up to him to stop them.


Very good book with excellent suspense and romantic tension. Eric is on his way home from work as an ER trauma surgeon when he witnesses a hit-and-run. As he gives assistance and accompanies her back to the hospital in the ambulance, Eric is strangely drawn to her. The next day he discovers that she has no memory of who she is or what happened. What he does know is that he can't let her go until they know more about her, so he takes her back to his place.


I really liked Eric. We haven't seen much of him in the previous books. He doesn't go home to the ranch very often and his relationship with his parents seems strained. In this book we learn more about why. In spite of this, he does have an excellent relationship with his siblings, and I enjoyed their encounters. They are also very supportive of Eric when he needs them. I loved his protectiveness toward MW (mystery woman).


I liked MW also. Her amnesia has her scared, but she doesn't fall apart. She doesn't know why Eric is so determined to help her, but she feels she can trust him, so she accepts it. She's also very attracted to him, but wary because she doesn't know if she's free to be. I liked the way that she tried to maintain some independence even when she was dependent on him. She had no trouble standing up for herself when she needed to.


I loved the development of their relationship. MW is a woman with a kind and sensitive heart, which is obvious even without knowing her background. I really liked the way that she was so aware of Eric's feelings around his family and how her presence helped him deal with them. I loved seeing Eric help her work through her feelings as her memory started to return. Eric was surprised when he realized that what he was feeling for her was more than just attraction. It only added to his determination to keep her safe. Once she remembered everything, MW wanted to protect him from the trouble she was in. I liked seeing the way that they worked through everything and came out stronger in the end.


The suspense of the story was really good. It started fast with the hit-and-run, and kept the action going with the attempts on her life. As each bit of memory returned, the more the sense of danger increased. When all was revealed, the intensity really picked up. The car wreck and kidnapping kept me reading, and I was happy to see the way that MW really kept her head. I was expecting a wild ride, and have to say that the ending was a bit anticlimactic. 


There was a little more progress on the series storyline involving the attack on Eric's mother. There are indications that she knows something about what happened to her that she isn't sharing with anyone else. There are also still questions about the skeleton that was found in the first book. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.