Reckonings (The Battling McGuire Boys) - Cynthia Eden

Series: Battling McGuire Boys (Book 4)

New town, new name…more trouble!


Dr. Jamie Myers has tried outrunning her past, but now someone is stalking her, leaving her deadly messages. Once, she'd trusted the wrong man. So how can she rely on Davis McGuire, the fiercely handsome ex-SEAL she's hired as a bodyguard? And how can she ignore the way his hands-on attention excites her?


One of McGuire Securities' best, Davis wants to protect the sexy doc 24/7 and play by the rules. But as Jamie's stalker grows bolder, Davis's desire grows stronger. Soon he's breaking all his rules -- so he can uncover Jamie's secrets in order to protect her…and discover the key to her heart.


Very good book, with plenty of action from the very beginning. Davis has been attracted to Jamie for a year, ever since she became the vet for the family ranch. He's just made his move at his sister's wedding (hilarious scene!) when their dance is interrupted. Jamie gets a call from her security company that her house has been broken into. He sees her fear and insists on going with her.


Jamie has been running from her past for a long time, but she's just started to feel safe. Dancing with Davis reminds her of everything she's missed, but also that she's been burned in the past. But when her house in broken into, she's afraid that her past has come back to haunt her. She asks for Davis's help, and gets so much more than she expects.


I loved Davis. He may be a big, bad, former SEAL, but he's also a pretty sensitive guy. He saw her wariness from the beginning and took his time, getting to know her a little first. When the trouble began he was determined to keep her safe, even though his brother Sullivan had doubts about what Jamie told them. Jamie was terrific also. She had been through so much, and came through it much stronger than she believes. She wants Davis's help, but she is also afraid that he could get hurt because of her. I really liked seeing how Davis's confidence in her helped her gain the strength of will to stand up to her stalker and stop running.


Their romance moved quickly, thanks to the danger they were in. I loved how Davis's belief in her helped Jamie to open up to him. I was a bit frustrated that she held back at first, but it was believable because of her past. Davis was a little slow to admit his feelings, but he suspected that he was in pretty deep. It was fun to see the teasing he got from his brothers, but the support was there too. Jamie took a little longer to realize the strength of her feelings, I think mostly because of the guilt she felt for bringing her trouble to him. I especially liked how Jamie told him how she felt, even in the middle of the final confrontation. 


The action and suspense in the book was great. The escalation of the stalker's actions kept me turning the pages. There were also several twists and turns that made identifying the stalker a little more difficult. I loved the involvement of Davis's brothers, and how they supported him even when they had some doubts about what was happening. The final confrontation was intense, and the stalker really creepy. There were also some really interesting things that came out about the events of Jamie's past. It was a very good ending. The epilogue was terrific, and I loved the part with Jamie's bouquet.