Texas Rebels: Falcon - Linda Warren

Series: Texas Rebels (Book 2)

Falcon Rebel has been father and mother to his girl ever since her mother walked out on them both seventeen years ago. Now Leah's back to see their daughter -- just once, she says. She's built another life and wants them all to move on. But Falcon's suspicious. Her story doesn't add up. Why isn't she willing to keep the door open between them, at least for Eden's sake?


Leah can't tell them the truth -- she won't burden her family with what she must face. But being close to Falcon again has reignited the incredible bond they once shared. They were so young then…and some things never change, including their feelings for each other. Leah thought she could walk away. But nobody loves like a Rebel -- even though love might not be enough.


Very good book, an emotional reunion story with so many things for Falcon and Leah to overcome. They had been teenagers in love when Leah became pregnant. Determined to do the right thing and take care of the woman he loved, Falcon married her and they moved into the family home. Though they planned to move into another house on the ranch, Falcon was so busy he kept putting it off. When their daughter was born, he figured staying on would give Leah the help she needed. Then one day, when Eden was three months old, Leah left them and disappeared. For seventeen years Falcon has been father and mother to Eden, but has never stopped wondering what happened to Leah.


Then he gets a call from Leah. She wants a chance to see them, to apologize, then get out of their lives forever. Suspicious of her motives, he goes to see her first, before he will allow her near their daughter. He doesn't expect the heat of an attraction that has never died, one that they find themselves acting on. While he can accept that as a goodbye for him, he doesn't understand why she won't keep in contact with Eden.


When Leah had left all those years ago, circumstances had kept her from returning as she had planned. The longer she was away, the harder it became. Now she wants this chance to see them without giving away what is keeping her from them now. She doesn't want to put them through the stress of dealing with what she must face.


I ached for Leah and everything that she went through. From the postpartum depression that sent her running to start with, the accident and its long recovery period, and her current health problem that could end her life. I understood her desire to protect Falcon and Eden from what she was going through, but she also needed them to give her the strength to get through it. Some of her decision making skills were definitely lacking in some of the things she did. I liked the way that she accepted the mistakes that she made. She was also afraid that Falcon would never be able to forgive her, and his forgiveness is what she wanted the most.


I loved Falcon and the bond he had with his daughter. I loved that he hadn't just left it to his mother to take care of her, but had done the majority of it himself. I really liked the way that he let Eden make her own decisions, but did his best to guide her into making the best ones. When he saw Leah again, his anger at her actions was understandable. But even that anger couldn't stop the feelings that were still there. After Leah left again, he couldn't help feeling that there was more going on than she had said.


I loved the way that Leah's friend interfered and told Falcon some of what was really happening. That was enough for Falcon to realize that he wanted a chance to repair their relationship. It was wonderful to see the way he put his life on hold and devoted himself to taking care of Leah. Having Eden be part of it made it even better. Taking the time to be with her gave them the chance to get to know each other again, and gave Falcon the time he needed to fully accept and forgive what she had done. I hurt so much for him because of everything that he went through while she was so sick. I loved that it all worked out in the end, but that it wasn't a quick and easy fix. The realism of it all made the happy ending that much more satisfying.