Destined to Be a Dad (Welcome to Destiny) - Christyne Butler

Series: Welcome to Destiny (Book 8)

The British Are Coming!


Cowboy-turned-businessman Liam Murphy thought he had it all -- until the teen daughter he never knew existed walks into his life, her mother close behind. Now the Wyoming bachelor must confront his first love, former London exchange student Missy Dobbs, and get answers. To start: How can he still be so attracted to this person who has seemingly betrayed him?


Missy has to ask herself the same question. Long in the dark about her child's paternity, Missy can't help feeling a secret thrill that Liam's back in her life. Maybe staying in Destiny awhile will help her daughter bond with her dad, but is it a trap for Missy's shell-shocked heart?


Very good second chance story. Liam got the surprise of his life during a rodeo when he saved a fifteen year old girl from the unwelcome advances of a couple of young cowboys, only to discover that she is his daughter. His old girlfriend is close behind, hopefully with some answers.


Missy had been an exchange student their senior year in high school and their relationship had become serious by the end of the school year. Liam had his eye on a rodeo career in addition to going to college and had hoped that Missy would stay around. But he made the mistake of not telling her of his plans, or of his feelings. Missy had been searching for a way to stay in America and close to Liam, but without any kind of commitment, she was afraid to risk it. So she went home to England, and in trying to forget Liam, got back together with her old boyfriend. When she realized she was pregnant, she didn't know whose baby it was. Telling her parents was a disaster, as they didn't approve of her relationship with Liam. When the baby was born, they lied about the DNA results, causing Missy to marry the other man. When her father died, Missy discovered the truth and had plans to visit Liam to tell him. She didn't know that Casey had found out and beat her to the punch.


I loved Liam's reaction. He was stunned, but had no problem accepting the idea that he was Casey's father. He was determined to get to know her, and talked Missy into staying in Destiny for a month so he could do so. It was really sweet seeing the way that he tried so hard to connect with her. I especially loved the scene with the guitars. There was also a great scene a little later where he definitely had the "dad attitude" going on. The longer Casey was there, the more he wanted her to stay. That goes even more for Missy. He can't believe that after all these years he's still attracted to her, but he can't deny it. Having her back in Destiny will give him a chance to see if the attraction will lead to something more. 


Finding out about her parents' deception had thrown Missy's life into turmoil. She had wished from the beginning that Casey had been Liam's and now that she knows the truth, she has to face him. Seeing him again brings back the memories, both good and bad. She remembers how much she had loved him, and how much it had hurt when she left and he never tried to contact her. In spite of the attraction she still feels, she is determined to resist it. She's happy to do whatever she can to help Casey and Liam bond, but she doesn't want to risk her heart.


I loved seeing the relationship between Missy and Liam grow. It was tentative at first, with both of them wary of trusting the other. But their shared history made it easier for them to reconnect, and it wasn't long before those feelings were growing again. But they still have the issue of living on two different continents to deal with, and when Liam repeats past mistakes, it looks bad for their chance of happiness. I loved the way that he finally realized what he had done, and his "go big" moment was wonderfully done.


I also loved the other characters. Casey was wonderful with the strong relationship she had with her mother, one that gave her the confidence to search out Liam. I loved seeing her try to find her way with Liam and all her new relatives. The only one she had a problem with was Abby, the one who was the same age. It was pretty amusing to see them go at it, like many girls of that age do. I have to say that Abby really deserved what she got at the end. I also loved her way of expressing herself. As always, the Murphy family was fun to be around. I loved the way they wholeheartedly embraced Casey and Missy. I ached for Missy when she compared them to her own family. There was a brief period of tension between Liam and his brother Bryant, but even that didn't last too long.