Coming Home to a Cowboy (Family Renewal) - Sheri WhiteFeather

Series: Family Renewal (Book 4)

The Secret That Tamed Him?


Renowned horse trainer Kade Quinn has always been hard to pin down. But when the wealthy drifter discovers he has a son, and that beautiful Bridget Wells is the child's mother, it's time for a major rethink of his priorities. This time, he's ready to be there for his found family and let himself fall for Bridget all over again.


But Kade ran once. Can Bridget risk a replay? She's on the fence about trusting this still irresistible man, but boy, it feels good to come home to a cowboy, and a father for her child…


Good book. Kade was surprised to get a call from Bridget telling him that they'd had a child together years earlier. He wasn't too happy that she'd kept him a secret for ten years and is determined to become part of his son's life. He's not quite sure how he'll do it.


Kade is a man who has never wanted to put down roots. His job as a horse trainer takes him all over the country and that is fine with him. He has also never had a permanent relationship. His parents' marriage hadn't been a good one, and their example had left him unwilling to attempt one of his own. He had never forgotten the week he spent with Bridget and was looking forward to seeing her again, but he isn't sure what she expects from him.


Bridget had not planned to tell him about Cody, but when her son started asking questions about him, she felt she had no choice. Bridget's father had been a traveling man also, one who eventually quit visiting at all. She didn't want that to happen to her son. She's cautious about allowing Kade into Cody's life.


As soon as they saw each other again, they realized that they had another problem. The attraction between them is as strong as it had been all those years ago. At first they really try to fight it. Kade reminds her that he isn't one to settle down, and Bridget is just as adamant against getting involved with someone like her father. But love of their son draws them closer to each other and resisting gets harder. Kade is finding it more and more difficult to think of spending long periods away from Bridget and Cody. I loved seeing the way that he drew them into his family. The trip to California was wonderful. It was really sweet to see the way that Kade planned that special evening for he and Bridget. She was falling further for him, but still afraid to trust what was happening. When the connection between them deepened, Kade panicked and did a couple things that reinforced Bridget's fears. I loved seeing what Kade did to show Bridget that he had changed. I especially loved the way he involved Cody. I have to admit that I saw his solution coming earlier in the book, but it didn't make it any less satisfying.


I liked the secondary characters also. Cody was a lot of fun to watch as he got to know Kade. I really liked the part with the mess that he and his friend made, which seemed like typical behavior for his age. Bridget's grandmother was really funny. I liked the way she saw what was happening between Bridget and Kade and predicted that they'd be together within a month. It took me a little longer to warm up to Bridget's mother because she was so pessimistic about Kade, but I liked her at the end. I really liked seeing Kade's brother Tanner (The Bachelor's Baby Dilemma) again and catching up on what is happening with them. I also liked seeing his sister and how she is progressing. I hope that she gets a story of her own.