Agent to the Rescue (Special Agents at the Altar) - Lisa Childs

Series: Special Agents at the Altar (Book 3)

A bride on the run…and a killer on the prowl…


When FBI special agent Dalton Reyes discovers an amnesiatic injured bride in the trunk of a car, his protective instincts kick into high gear. Who is this mysterious redhead? And why is someone going to such great lengths to kill her? When a man claiming to be her fiancé steps forward, Dalton can't ignore his jealousy…and his fear that that her betrothed isn't who he seems. But as Elizabeth -- his beautiful charge -- faces the dark truth of her past, Dalton must keep her and her two-year-old adopted daughter safe from the evil forces determined to reclaim them both…


Good book. It started with plenty of action and kept up the pace throughout. Dalton is serving as best man in a friend and fellow agent's wedding (Agent Undercover) when he gets a call about a case he's been working on. Since the ceremony is over he takes off to see if he can catch the perp. Instead of the car theft ring he expects to find, he discovers a woman dressed in a bridal gown in the trunk of the car. Thanks to a blow to the head, she can't remember anything about what happened or who she is. It's believed she could be a near victim of a serial killer who preys on brides. But whoever she is, Dalton's determined to protect her.


Elizabeth has no idea what happened to her, but there's something about Dalton that makes her trust him. Each additional attempt on her life draws her closer to him. Even when a man who says he is her fiance comes forward, it doesn't feel right to her. He does provide her with news that brings a few of her memories back, including those of the little girl she is now guardian of. She'll do anything to keep Lizzie safe. I loved seeing how much she believed in Dalton and his ability to protect them. She also realized that she felt far more for Dalton than she ever had for her fiance. It was great to see her show Dalton over and over how much she cared for him.


Dalton is a man who was sure that no woman would ever tempt him into a permanent relationship. His past is too rough for him to feel worthy of that kind of love. He had grown up on the streets of Chicago, been a gang member before moving to the right side of the law. But there is something about Elizabeth that he can't keep himself from caring about. I loved seeing how protective he was, to the point of even taking her with him to follow up on leads, rather than leaving her with another agent. The appearance of her fiance created a fair amount of jealousy in him, and he doesn't think that the man deserves her, but he also doesn't believe that he is good enough either. His lack of confidence almost lets him walk away, until his friends talk some sense into him. I loved his big moment at the end.


The mystery of who was trying to kill Elizabeth was very well done. From the initial belief of a serial killer to the final conclusion, my interest never wavered. I loved Dalton's determination to get to the truth, and all the steps taken to get there. As the clues began to pile up, I especially liked his conviction that there was no such thing as a coincidence. As the attempts of Elizabeth's life increased in number and intensity, I started to suspect who might be behind them. The final confrontation was really intense and I wondered just how they were going to get through it.