One Night in Weaver... (Return to the Double C) - Allison Leigh

Series: Return to the Double C (Book 10)



One night was all they'd had…or had they? Hayley Templeton prides herself on keeping a level head in life and love. But her recent passionate encounter with Seth Banyon turned her world upside down. Hayley knows she planted a kiss on the sexy security expert, but she can't even remember how much further that lip-lock went. This is one dilemma the psychologist can't analyze her way out of…


Seth has plenty of secrets that he doesn't need Hayley prying into -- least of all, what he's really doing in tiny Weaver, Wyoming. So he's got to get the irresistible woman out of his system…before he is tempted to make himself at home right there in her arms…


Good book,with good romance and a bit of mystery added in. Hayley is normally a level headed woman, but after dealing with some family stress she overindulged a bit at a local bar. There she encountered Seth Banyon, a man she's been noticing around town for several months. With the alcohol affecting her judgement, she ended up leaving with him, but ended the encounter hours later with no memory of what did or didn't happen.


Seth is in town, undercover as a security guard, but actually working for a local secret security company. He is among those watching a man suspected of killing his partners on a mission, but who is claiming to have amnesia. Seth isn't buying it, and wants the truth as the two dead men were friends of his. To determine whether the man really has amnesia, he is being treated by a local psychologist - Hayley. He's tempted to get closer to her to see if she'll spill anything about her patient, but knows that could create all kinds of problems. Unfortunately for him, he hasn't been able to get her off his mind. Another encounter with her just reinforces the attraction.


Hayley can't remember what happened that night, and is embarrassed about her behavior. This has caused her to avoid Seth, until they run into each other at a party for mutual friends. She finally faces up to him and resolves the issue, But this still leaves her with the attraction that is sizzling between them.


I loved seeing the relationship as it developed between them. Hayley tends to be a bit awkward around him, often saying things that don't come out quite right. But she really likes him and wants to get to know him better. Seth also wants to get closer to Hayley, and ignores his boss's orders to stay away from her until their prisoner is dealt with. Seth sees himself as a man who isn't truly worthy of Hayley, but he shows himself to be much better than he thinks. He's sweet with her grandmother, and sensitive to the problems that Hayley is having. He is also very protective of her, which is wonderful to see, but gets him in hot water with her and his boss. Hayley's feelings for Seth continue to grow, but she has trouble getting him to accept them. I loved seeing her stand up for what she feels. It takes a conversation with her grandmother for Seth to see that he has to deal with everything in his past before he can hope for a future with Hayley. I loved seeing the results of that and the difference it made to his whole outlook. His reunion with Hayley was really sweet.


I loved the story line with Hayley's grandmother. The old lady was a definite character with some really interesting viewpoints on a variety of subjects. It was really fun to watch her leave her reclusiveness behind, and seeing some of her antics was pretty funny. I loved the bits with the car, especially when she got Seth to drive it. I liked how she owned up to her mistakes and is trying to repair her relationships.


My only disappointment was feeling like the part with the prisoner was left hanging. I'm hoping that he will reappear later, since Hayley's friend seems intrigued by him.