A Royal Baby Surprise (The Sherdana Royals) - Cat Schield

Series: Sherdana Royals (Book 2)

An heir to the throne gets an heir of his own…


Chasing the man who broke her heart halfway around the world to tell him she's pregnant is the hardest thing Brooke Davis has ever had to do. But when she catches up with him, he's got a surprise for her, too: he's been hiding his royal roots. Nic Alessandro is a prince, and Brooke's an unsuitable match -- but their attraction is hotter than ever!


What will happen when royal duty and desire collide? Maybe Nic will have to take Brooke home to Sherdana and find out…


Very good book about what happens when desire clashes with duty. For the last ten years Nic has been living in the United States, the first five at school and the last five working in California. When the rocket he was working on exploded, killing a teammate, he felt responsible. Leaving his dreams of private space travel behind, he headed for his Greek island retreat to decide what to do next. 


Brooke is the sister of Nic's partner on the rocket project. She has been in love with Nic for five years, but until six months ago he had seemed uninterested. Then he confessed that he'd been attracted to her all along and they began a relationship. When the explosion happened, Nic broke things off with Brooke and disappeared. After she discovered she was pregnant, she tracked him to his island and showed up to tell him the news. Before she could, he told her the secret that he had been keeping from her: he's a prince and heir to the throne after his brother.


Now Brooke has a dilemma. Does she tell Nic about the baby, or just go home to California? At the same time, the attraction between she and Nic is just as hot as ever. Nic is also caught between desire and duty. He loves Brooke and doesn't want to let her go. But his older brother Gabriel (Royal Heirs Required), the crown prince and his wife can't have children, so it is up to Nic to marry and provide those heirs for his country. The law requires that he marry a Sherdanian or European aristocracy, and Brooke doesn't qualify. His mother already has a list of women for him to choose from.


Nic talks Brooke into going back to Sherdana with him. He's not ready to say goodbye to her yet, even though he knows it isn't fair to her. Brooke still hasn't told him about the baby, so she goes with him, still trying to decide what to do. I loved the reception she got from Nic's sister and sister-in-law. There was an immediate liking among them, and the two of them loaned Brooke clothes suitable to wear at the palace. They could see how much in love Nic and Brooke were. Nic's mother, the queen, wasn't quite so accepting, and sees Brooke as a threat to the plans already in place.


I really ached for Nic and Brooke because it looked to them that there was no way they could be together. Once Nic found out about the baby he was even more conflicted because he didn't want to miss out on seeing his child grow up. He's ready to sacrifice his happiness for his country and let her go. I loved the confrontation he had with Gabriel at the end and what Gabriel told him. The reunion between Nic and Brooke was sweet. 


I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. There is some secret involving Gabriel and Olivia that I'm interested in seeing, as I have a suspicion what it is. I'm also looking forward to meeting Christian and seeing what's in store for Ariana. I believe there was a hint of her destiny in this book and I can't wait to see if I'm right.