The Taming of Delaney Fortune - Michelle Major

Series: Fortunes of Texas: Cowboy Country (Book 4)



He's been in Horseback Hollow for only a couple of months, but sexy Cisco Mendoza has already made quite an impression! Little does anyone know his real reason for being here -- a top secret deal that could shake the foundations of the small Texas town…and one important family…


When Delaney Fortune Jones agrees to help Cisco win some hearts and minds, suddenly the tables turn -- and the permanent playboy finds himself pining for the innocent cowgirl and her heart of gold. As business veers dangerously close to pleasure, Mr. Mendoza better hang on to his hat -- the pint-size Delaney might just teach him a lesson in the art of falling in love…Fortune-style!


Cisco played a big part in his brother's book, Mendoza's Secret Fortune, and I expected that when it was his turn, his smooth and charming ways would not help him. It was quite satisfying to see him struggle just as much as his brother had. Cisco came to Horseback Hollow to visit his father, who had moved there, and stayed because he saw a way to make some money. The new Cowboy Country theme park has opened up some interesting possibilities, One in particular requires him to get the support of the Fortune family, which he has become related to by the marriage of his sister. Unfortunately for him, the Fortunes are outspoken opponents of the park. What he needs is someone who can help him convince them.


Delaney Fortune Jones is the youngest of the family. Now that five of her six siblings are married or taken, she's feeling a little lost. She wants what they have, but in a town as small as hers the choices are pretty slim. She knows that she wants someone like her, who likes her town and the ranching way of life. Cisco is not that person, but there's something about him that she just can't resist. When he tells her he may need her help with a project he's working on, she's more than happy to assist, even though he hasn't told her what it is.


I loved seeing the relationship between Cisco and Delaney develop. Cisco is quite the ladies man and is used to them pretty much falling at his feet. Delaney may be young and somewhat inexperienced with men, but she has no trouble standing up to his charm. Yes, she's attracted to him, but that doesn't mean she has to give in. I loved seeing Cisco's reactions when she pretty much laughs in his face as he attempts to charm her. He thinks he'll have a better chance to get her help if he tries to learn more about what true cowboy life is like, and gets Delaney to put him to work on the ranch. I loved seeing him try to fit in to her way of life and come to a whole new appreciation for what she does. There are some wonderful scenes of a truly romantic side of Cisco coming out. But the closer they get, the guiltier he feels about not yet having told her of his plans. Delaney finds herself falling for Cisco, even though she knows he doesn't plan to stay. When she discovers the truth, she is devastated by what she sees as his betrayal. I loved seeing everything Cisco had to go through to make things right for Delaney. I loved how he ended up getting advice from his brother. He did a good job of groveling and I was happy with the way it turned out.


I really liked what I saw as the maturing of Cisco. He had started out being interested in the deal he was working on because of what it would do for his bottom line. At the beginning he had some doubts about the project, but was willing to do what he had to in order to make it happen. The more he got to know Delaney, the rest of the Fortunes, and the community, the more he realized that the developer's vision was not going to work. I liked seeing how he tried to make them see the truth, as he got to know the community and their way of life. It was interesting to see the problems that were cropping up and how they were being dealt with. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.