The Wife He Couldn't Forget (Harlequin Desire) - Yvonne Lindsay

After an accident leaves Xander Jackson with no memory of the past several years, he doesn't realize he walked out on his marriage. And his wife, Olivia, grabs this chance to start over with the man she still desires.


Allowing Xander to believe they're still the passionate, loving couple they once were is one thing. But Olivia must also hide all evidence of the devastating loss that destroyed their relationship. It's the biggest gamble of her life…and everything depends on reclaiming Xander's heart.


Good story. Xander and Olivia have been separated for two years and are about to be divorced when Xander is involved in a car accident. When he wakes from six weeks in a coma, he has no memory of the previous six years and asks for Olivia. Stunned, she decides to take him to their home to recover and see if they can repair their marriage.


Olivia doesn't tell him that they are separated and what caused it. Instead she uses the time to try to show him that they can be happy together again. But she can't ignore the fact that she's hiding the truth from him and dreads what will happen if his memory returns. Xander is happy to be back home with Olivia, but he can't escape the feeling that something is wrong. When Xander finds about about the divorce, he feels betrayed by Olivia's lies. When he stumbles upon the evidence of their son and his death his memory returns with a vengeance. He is devastated and furious with her.


Both Olivia and Xander were responsible for the death of their marriage. Each of them had tragedy in their history, and each had learned to cope in a different way. When their son died, neither leaned on the other for the support they needed and therefore grew apart. Each had coped in a different way, but the other saw it in a negative manner and the hurt grew worse. If they want to make a go of their marriage, each of them is going to have to face their fears and learn to share their feelings.


I didn't have too much sympathy for Olivia through most of the book. I felt that she brought a lot of her trouble on herself by lying to Xander. When she confessed about their pending divorce, she should have told him about their son at the same time. That she didn't created the possibility of a huge problem later and that's what she got. She did redeem herself at the end, so I have hope that they will have their happy future. 


Xander also had his issues with sharing his feelings, thanks to his family's example when his older brother died as a child. His methods of dealing with his son's death had him pulling away from Olivia emotionally when she needed him there for her. Losing her a second time made him realize that things had to change, and that he couldn't do it alone.


I would have liked to see an epilogue for this story and see how things are going for them a year or two later.