The Twins' Rodeo Rider (Bridesmaids Creek) - Tina Leonard

Series: Bridesmaids Creek (Book 3)



Suz Hawthorne was always a rebel. But falling for Navy SEAL Cisco Grant -- when Bridesmaids Creek legend already chose him as destined for another woman -- borders on sedition. For a small Texas town that depends on its romantic reputation, flouting local lore is disastrous. Now, Suz's renegade heart could cost her the family ranch, and the town its livelihood.


Cisco knows he and Suz are meant for each other, and the twin babies they're expecting are the only kind of magic he cares about. No one ever tried to cheat the Bridesmaids Creek charm before, but Cisco believes in doing things the old-fashioned way…his way. Can he preserve the town's fabled tradition and still win the woman he loves?


Okay book. I liked the general premise of the story. Local legend has paired Cisco up with one woman, but his heart is set on another. Suz also wants him, but going against town tradition is likely to stir up trouble, and does. They have to figure out how to have what they want without ruining the lives of others.


I mostly liked Cisco. He loves Suz and no matter what the silly local legend says, Suz is the only one he will marry. He is determined to have her, and makes it plain to Daisy (the other woman) that he's not interested. Daisy is more than a bit spoiled and headstrong, and threatens to make life miserable for others if he doesn't fall into line. One of his friends is in love with Daisy, so Cisco does his best to throw things his way, but Daisy isn't cooperating. He goes ahead and secretly marries Suz, hoping that will be the end of it.


Unfortunately, it just makes Daisy angrier, and she gets her father to help her get revenge. He has been buying up land all over town, and with Daisy's encouragement starts foreclosure proceedings on Suz's family ranch. He also ruins the businesses of others in town, and threatens to sell land to the government for a toxic waste dump. Suz feels that it is all her and Cisco's fault and tells him to leave town until things quiet down.


This is where she really made me mad. Suz was far more concerned with Daisy's feelings and what she was doing than in making her marriage to Cisco work. She sends him off, telling him not to come back until she tells him to. When she discovers she's pregnant, she doesn't tell him, feeling it's more important to keep the peace in town. Cisco just wants to take care of her and the babies and she keeps shutting him down.


Cisco had kept one secret from her, and when he finally tells her about his family background she freaks out. He doesn't have much to do with them, so feels that it shouldn't affect their lives. Suz doesn't agree. Suddenly all she can think about is that she isn't good enough for him, even though he's made it clear over and over that he loves her. He offers to help out with the ranch troubles, and she won't even accept that. 


I liked the way that everything turned out, and was happy to see Suz's attitude change, Even Daisy does some growing up and I am now looking forward to her story.