Confessions (Harlequin IntrigueThe Battling McGuire) - Cynthia Eden

Series: Battling McGuire Boys (Book 1)

Desperate to prove she's being framed for murder, Scarlett Stone entrusts her reputation -- and her life -- to the man who once broke her heart. Grant McGuire, a sexy former army ranger turned detective, has never been the same since military action. But behind his cold demeanor, he still burns for Scarlett.


Taking her case is an easy but dangerous decision for Grant. Together they must race against the clock to find the real killer, who now wants them both dead. More dangerous, however, is their sudden, reignited passion. Grant will do anything for a second chance with Scarlett…while she'll do everything to keep the secret she never wants him to know…


Good book with lots of action, good second chance romance. Scarlett and Grant had been high school sweethearts. After he graduated, Grant joined the army and became a ranger. The summer Scarlett graduated, Grant was home for a visit and broke things off with her. He claimed he didn't love her, but in reality he was trying to protect her from himself. With the things he had seen and done, he wouldn't be any good for her. The last thing he told her was that he'd be there for her if she ever needed him.


Ten years later both have moved on with their lives. Grant is back home, running a security company with his brothers. They all left the military after their parents were murdered, coming home to take care of their younger sister and try to find out who killed their parents. Scarlett went to college, became a teacher, and got engaged. They haven't been in contact, though they've seen each other at a distance. One night she shows up at Grant's office, begging for his help. She's about to be arrested for her fiance's murder, and she needs him to help her prove her innocence.


There's heat between them right away, showing that the old feelings are still there. Grant is determined to earn a second chance with Scarlett, but first he has to find out who set her up. As the days go on, the attacks on Scarlett escalate and Grant becomes a target as well. As they search for the real killer, they get to know each other again, and things from their pasts come out that create new stresses between them. I found it interesting that each had kept secrets in order to protect the other. Both have to find a way to let go of the past before they can have a future.


The suspense was well done. Though Scarlett was cleared fairly early, the issue of finding out who had set her up and was still out to get her continued. I loved the introduction of Grant's brothers into the story, as each of them did their part to support the investigation. By the middle of the book I had a good idea of who the culprit was, but there was enough going on to create some doubt. The final confrontation was quite intense and I was on the edge of my seat until they were out of it. The epilogue contained an interesting twist that was the result of that confrontation and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.