Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover - Sarah MacLean

Fantastic conclusion to the series. Lady Georgiana has three identities: she is Georgiana, disgraced sister of a duke, she is Chase, founder of The Fallen Angel gaming club, and she is Anna, the head prostitute of the club and believed to be Chase's mistress. No one except her co-owners knows that Chase is actually a woman. She has been content to live her life as it is until now. But a recent cartoon in a scandal sheet has included her nine year old daughter and Georgiana realizes that if she wants Caroline to have a chance at a respectable future she needs to marry a man with a title.

Duncan West is a newspaperman who has made a success of his life out of nothing. As the owner of five papers he wields quite a lot of power himself. He feels badly that it was one of his papers that published the cartoon as he doesn't believe is going after children. He meets Georgiana at a ball, and apologizes to her. He is intrigued by the strength of her determination to do whatever she must to make her daughter's life better. He is also attracted to her, but knows that he doesn't have what she needs - or does he? When he accidentally discovers her connection to Anna, he realizes that they can help each other. He offers to use his papers to make her acceptable to society, if she will use her connection to Chase to get him some information he needs on the man who is blackmailing him.

It was interesting to see the relationship that developed between Georgiana and Duncan. Both are using each other to get what they want, but something more begins to grow between them. Unfortunately, neither can see a way to make it happen. Georgiana needs the respectability of the title, something that Duncan doesn't have. Duncan would love to make her his, but he has a secret in his past that ensures that he will never be able to do so. It doesn't stop Duncan from being insanely jealous of the relationship between Chase and Georgiana. She can't tell him the truth because she is unable to trust that he would keep her secret.

There were times that I really wanted to smack her and tell her to trust him, that he wouldn't betray her. I could also understand why she wanted the title, but if she had just trusted him she would see that he could give her more than the title. Meanwhile, for such a smart man, Duncan could be pretty oblivious. With as well as he was getting to know her, he really should have been able to see the truth. I really ached for the two of them because the love that grew between them was so strong, but neither could see a way to make it possible to be together.

The story of the secrets that brought them together was really good. Duncan desperately needed that information about Tremley, not just to save himself, but because of what that information was. Tremley was definitely a nasty piece of work, and I enjoyed seeing how the information was acquired, and the determination Georgiana had to protect the source. Unfortunately, Duncan's blindness about Chase's identity made it possible for Tremley to prey upon Duncan's own fears. The resolution of the problem was pretty intense and I wasn't sure how they were going to pull it off. Everything was very complicated.

I really enjoyed seeing the men from the previous books and how well they all worked together. It was fun to see that Georgiana was now on the receiving end of their help when it came to her relationship with Duncan. The scene with her and their wives was pretty funny. I also loved Georgiana's daughter Caroline, and her way of looking at the world. I especially liked her words to her mother at the end, as she pointed out the truth about what she wanted for herself.  I liked the epilogue and seeing where they were a year later.